Strategic Team Engagement

Employee Engagement evolved rapidly last year.
Fettle blends smart tech with in-vogue strategies, to elevate team engagement and company culture.

Limitless Battles

Compete across activities:
cycling Sunday to a month's marathon

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Ensure every member feels included and excited - in their own way

Exclusive Spaces

Get a private, personalized
platform for your teams

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Complete data security and access control for all teams

Rewards and Recognition

15% of your subscription fee
is rewarded to employees

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Sometimes you need a literal prize for employee engagement

Engagement Architects

Our engagement experts
will enhance all your ideas & events

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Let us take you from planning to execution, while you participate

Mental Health

Nourish and calm your mind
when you choose to rest

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Access an entire suite of meditation, deep sleep, focus, and anti-anxiety services.

Content Branding

All media design is our burden:
ensuring participation and engagement

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Make all your engagement events look like the one to envy this year


Battles Created

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KCal Burned


Kilometers Covered


Fettle employees are actively engaged and meeting their fitness goals


Battles are created from every recorded Fettle session

Use Cases

Virtual Workplace Engagement

Fettle is employee engagement overhauled for The New Decade.
The successes we've witnessed span several domains of wellness.

Take your teams on a multi-level wellness challenge - while caring for every employee's preferences and goals.

  • Segment your employees: by fitness style, leader, or department.
  • Analytics on winning employees, effort scores, or a custom metric.
  • Recognize employees from each segment for maximum participation.

Combine the drivers of charity and wellness, to create a purposeful sense of employee engagement.

  • Link a teams' wellness goals to your company's CSR projects.
  • Get live project progress and impact across employees and leaders.
  • Employees choose the engagement channels they contribute to.

Capitalize on the Fettle Calendar to create employee engagement across the year, customized to your company culture.

  • Use gamification to inject active participation in boring events.
  • Fettle doubles as the digital interface to all celebrations and events.
  • Heart Health Week, Thanksgiving, or Mother's Day - it all fits.

Hear Our Ambassadors

Culture Directors. C-Suite Executives. Wellness Experts.
Fettle excels at catering to stakeholders at every step of employee engagement.

With Fettle, we ran various workout challenges and shared photos from sweat sessions and even follow the colleague's fitness activities. It brings community along with giving challenges and a platform to battle against your colleagues.”

Prerna Narula
Manager, People & Culture

Fettle is primed to change how firms make their teams a fun and active space to participate in. They even make your scoresheets look like it's the World Cup!

Sunil Agarwal
Group Chairman, RSH Global

As someone at the intersection of inclusion and fitness, I believe Fettle is a courageous take on community incentives and engagement. This solution is brilliantly simple, and yet so effective. Also, it looks so good - every screen oozes class.

Saloni Gupta
Coordinator, International Paralympics

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